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Earth Will Have Two Sun Over the Week
For a period of several weeks at the end of this year, the planet Earth will have two "Sun". This occurs when one of the brightest stars the usual attendance at night exploded.

Supernova, or exploding stars that will bring the brightest light show since the first planet to form.

According to predictions Brad Carter, a senior physics lecturer at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, the light will be very bright to the point that the night will be like during the day for one or two weeks.

Light source that is Betelgeuse, which is located in the constellation Orion, is 640 light years from Earth. Red super giant star is currently towards the end of his life and will explode.

"When he explodes, he will burn with a very bright and the Earth would look like having two of the Sun," Carter said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, 22 January 2011.

However, the star can not be certain when it will explode. "If Betelgeuse not explode at the end of this year, could be a new star will explode a few million years into the future," he said.
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