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These characteristics of Twitter Addiction People

Until recently, one of the most popular social media in Indonesia is twitter. There are about 6 million people who daily congregate there. Application of micro blogging is rapidly growing not only among onliner adults, but also the teens. This is evidenced by the frequent trending topic 'weird' that created them.

Applications that provide space only 140 characters is able to drive the user should continue to stare timeline. The reason, they want to continue to monitor the time his friend to find out what it does today. There's even a treat gadgetnya exceeds couple, always together since getting out of bed to go to sleep.

Many onliner currently can not get out of twitter. They like the already addicted to the applications that could change the fate of this person. Some signs of addiction to twitter, among others:

1. Meretweet postingannya own
Me-retweet usually done so that important information conveyed spread to more people. But when her retweet chirp we own no such effects. Those who do will likely have a desire ngetwit are great, but the idea did not come as fast as the motion thumb.

2. Missing mention
"Ngetwit without mention like a Saturday night without a boyfriend." Basically, each user will feel happy if what ditwit reap floods mention. This means twitannya able to force his friends whose numbers thousands responded. Sometimes there are some users have tried all-out attempt ngetwit cool, but nothing menggubris so came the term alms mention.

3. Changing the homepage every 10 minutes
Indeed, there is no how long it ideal to replace the avatar. Some even think the avatar is the identifier should not be changed. By changing the avatar, his friends will find it hard to recognize. Avatar to be like the logo in a brand. So when he changed avatar, he had to do branding from scratch again.

Change the avatar according to the "theme" events that occur at this time also interesting. For example, those who commemorate a year haul of former president Gus Dur was wearing image or illustration of Gus Dur as an avatar. Similarly when tweeple have tattoos new, he felt the need to change the avatar. But how when someone replace avatar every ten minutes?

4. Commenting on the link without reading
Little effort and energy necessary to open a link in the timeline. Hence the majority of people (based research supposedly 80% do not open the link) directly comment on or to retweet post that there is the link without checking it. Once upon a time this has happened, someone ngetwit with mencatur account cnn who preach football Indonesia which when clicked on the link does not exist.

5. Sensitive, always feel the object of discussion
Twitter is a public place, everyone had an equal right in voicing something. Good thing about the serious and "gegosipan" internal. But strangely the chirp in the timeline, there is someone who is very sensitive. Suddenly she felt the object of conversation, especially when the diomongkan that's a negative. "That's talking about me, yes," he said. Though there is no mention to account him.

6. Always mememperhatikan number of followers
The number of followers is not everything, but still seen as more "sexy" if followernya lot. The majority pekicau secretly racing how do I add followernya. There are obviously asking follow through with voluntary. There is also a request with the condition. "If followernya up at 00:00 will be numbered so many, he will put up pictures of naked in the avatar. The others simply lament the ngetwit" less so toward the follower to 2000 for example.

7. Originally nyamber without knowing the context
The limited space provided twitter that only 140 characters menyebabkan talks prone "misunderstanding". Because some pekicau still mereply regardless of whether the recipients of the message will then understand the contents of the message delivered. When spreading the message until the third or fourth person, chirp is already losing context. Some pekicau ngetwit origin nyamber without knowing the context, in addition to not useful, nor necessary because it might actually interfere.
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