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When Perpetrators and Victims of Same Same Vile
Germany Nazi massacre victims

We may still remember how the world created an uproar and all eyes to europe at the time of Hitler with his Nazi political vehicle to kill jews with Holocoust nya.Kejadian humanitarian program which in my opinion if the full backs coherently with intrigue, but apart from that all life still life , sehembus breath called life was on the inputs into the human body by God and should be taken also by fellow wrapped in political intrigue of a faction rakus.kejadian then change the world and bring a new era that ultimately no better than the era of the European slaughter.
A country is made with the aim of repatriating the Jews of Europe to the ground palestina.Sebuah decision whether it occurred or not by the decision makers at that time, which turned out to ultimately make a long dispute endless. Palestine, a name that has a long history for the three religions of the sky (celestial; Islam, Christians and Jews), is an area that was always flooded with cries and tears from dozens twenty centuries ago. At the start of the recommendation of the Crusades (crussader) from Pope Urban II is said to be the longest war in history that took 200 years and are still ongoing dispute for the sake of pertikaian.kota sacred to three religions are located there, ranging from the Aqsa Mosque, wailing wall and also the birthplace of Jesus was indeed the purpose of Religion Kristus.kalau which aims to have the Palestinians, why it should fall victim everywhere for a house of worship that are considered sacred? Political intrigue and greed is what ultimately play a role in wailayah ini.Banyak purpose playing dirty politics in this place.

The Jews (Zionism), who used to be slaughtered in Europe now turned into a massacre in the Palestinian territory, seized an inch after inch of territory that ada.Pertanyaan me, why the perpetrators and victims together as hostile? A small question that might be worthy of us think together from now on
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