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What is HAARP?  HAARP is an investigation project that aims to "understand, stimulate, and control ionospheric processes that can alter the performance of communication and surveillance systems."  began in 1992, the project targeted for completion within the next 20 years (completed in 2012).


It is said that this project is similar to some heated ionospheric spread all over the world and has a large part of the diagnostic instruments that facilitate its use to increase scientific understanding of ionospheric dynamics.  Although feared would be used as weapons of mass destruction, scientists involved in aeronomy, space science, or plasma physics theory ignores these fears as unfounded.

Ionosphere is what?

Ionosphere is the highest and most important in our earth's atmosphere.  Ionosphere is very important because he Chaya radiation filter to avoid direct sun fell to earth.  Ionosphere role in regulating levels of electricity in the atmosphere and form the core of the edge of the magnetosphere.  Ionosphere also has other uses for humans, which affects radio broadcasting waves far from where ² on Earth.

Where Being HAARP?

HAARP is located in Alaska, the United States.  More precisely again HAARP in Gakona, Alaska (latitude: 62.39, longitude: 145.15) located in the western National Park Wrangell-Saint Elias.  HAARP caused the environmental impact statement sparked an array of up to 180 permits for antennas to be established.  HAARP has been constructed previously on the radar installation site which is called over-the-horizon.

What Sih Function HAARP?

The purpose of this program is to further progress in studying the physical and electrical properties of the earth that the future can be used in military communication easier.  But in addition, HAARP can also set the weather through the ionosphere, such as making rain, storms, tsunamis, and many are not yet known ...

Continue What's wrong?

HAARP works by heating the ionosphere that is in heaven so that they can manipulate the state of the surrounding sky.  with these advantages, HAARP is used as a military requirement.

Danger HAARP

Able to Manage Weather

Why Can?  How to specify a point location to be heated ionosphere, then the pressure in the atmosphere will also rise.  So the pressure that forms collected at one point and formed the manipulation Jetstream (jet stream).  But HAARP is not perfect and still in the testing phase (worldwide).  HAARP dicurigakan already in beta in 2004, was proven when a tornado storm limitations that occur in one year violated by nature.  If the maximum limit of one year storm occurs only 4 times, in 2004 occurred 6 times.

Can Protect from Dangers of Nuclear

HAARP technology can detect objects low-frequency signals such as aircraft and missile by air, thus making other less sophisticated technologies.  Harp is also supported by the radar horizon or Over The Horizon Radar, namely radar covering the entire world because the connecting is the atmosphere.  No doubt the accuracy of radar HAARP.  Even today the location of every region on earth can be seen clearly, it's better than satellite because HAARP is still under the atmosphere.

Affecting the Human Mind

     EXTREMELY LOW FREQUENCY By submitting (ELF) radiation to the human brain, HAARP can control the mood of humans.

     Basically, the human brain works on 10-30 Pulse / Sec it.  and in the lap for second, there is a hertz frequency.

         * Delta (1-4/sec), sleep state

         * Theta (4-7/sec), a new state of sleepy or awake, and also this is when the human brain is still aged under five.

         * Alpha (7-12/sec), Situation Normal and learning
         * Beta (countless), state anger or being in a high emotional

With low wave HAARP, could be said humans can be manipulated with HAARP.
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