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ATM machine at his squalid lavatories.
May never have imagined in the mind when the engine room of automatic teller machines or automatic teller machine is an ideal place for disease transmission.  In fact, the reality proves that.

In fact, the results of a test show, automatic machine that also turned out banking transactions as joroknya with public toilets because it is a place that is ideal for breeding bacteria and germs that cause disease.

Scientists in England recently conducted research by comparing the keypad or keyboard input multiple ATM with public toilet seats.  The results show, both appeared to have similar levels of bacterial contamination.

Samples from both places are equally an ideal place for the bacteria that cause infections and diarrheal diseases.

"We were surprised by these findings because the ATM machines contaminated with bacteria with the same level of public toilets. In addition, the bacteria were detected in the ATM is the same kind as the toilet, which became the most common cause of illness in the community," said Dr. Richard Hastings of  BioCote Ltd., a company in the field of antibacterial who initiated this research.

Earlier, in a poll of consumers revealed, toilet ranked first as the most squalid, whereas ATM-10 ranked.  Places that are judged as a hotbed of growth of bacteria is a public phone box and bus and train seats.
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