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Russian hackers deceive FBI Rp 4.1 billion / U.S. $ 459 thousand


INILAH.COM, Moscow - the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hunt down Oleg Nikolaenko.Youth 23 years of Russian origin suspected to be mastermind behind the attacks' Mega-D Botnet 2009.

This attack infects about 500 thousand computers. Malicious program that allows an infected computer to send junk email (spam) to billions of emails per day. Nikolaenko FBI believes is responsible for shipping billions of emails hawking fake Rolex, fake drugs, and herbal medicine illegally.

Nikolaenko arrest is the result of the development of similar cases. Earlier, police had arrested the friend Nikolaenko, Lance Atkinson and Jody Smith. FBI saw both often associated with Nikolaenko use an online name 'Docent'.

Smith and Atkison found guilty and sentenced to one year in prison. The FBI found evidence of the flow of funds of about U.S. $ 459 thousand (USD 4.1 billion) into Atkison Nikolaenko of the past six months.
As quoted by The Smoking Gun, "In operation" Affking 'they managed to earn some money through scams use emails that they send by assault Mega-D, "said FBI officials.

Russian hackers deceive FBI Rp 4.1 billion / U.S. $ 459 thousand Reviewed by Nona Lia on 2:58 AM Rating: 5
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